Aberrant's Bingo Software offers players the ability to play using their preferred language, currency and in the style of bingo game that is familiar to them.


Bingo is one of the most popular games of chance enjoyed by millions around the globe. Online bingo is the next big craze to hit the Internet. With Aberrant Software's International Bingo Solutions, you can put yourself in a position to be a part of it. Unlike other casino games, bingo can be played as a "spectator" using the Auto-Daub and Auto-Bingo modes.

Similarly, card sorting and best card highlighting ensure that players always receive their winnings. Consequently, players do not have to be actively involved in the game play enabling them to take part in complimenting games at the same time. These games include slots, keno, blackjack and other single player games. Operators are able to maximize their profits and enjoy having a sticky website.

Multi-Player Bingo

Using Aberrant's Multi-Player game server, operators are able to offer several game rooms that support different game styles, currencies, languages, card prices, prizes and jackpots.

Players in each room will mark their cards while a common set of numbers are called. During the game, players may also take part in a real-time chat room, creating a great community environment.

Single-Player Bingo

In addition to playing against other players, Single Player Bingo allows a player the ability to enjoy the bingo game by playing against a pay table which determines their prizes and game objectives. If a player is able to achieve bingo within a lower number of calls they will usually win a higher payout.

The game ends on a pre-determined final call, making it possible for a player to achieve bingo on more than one of their purchased cards in a single round of game play. In single-player mode every card that matches bingo is awarded the full amount prize for the call it bingo'd on.


  • Multiple Bingo Rooms
  • Fully featured graphical bingo room selection screens
  • Support for 75,80,90 ball and variant bingo variations
  • Bingo tournament play
  • Configurable Jackpots, Progressives and bonuses
  • Multiple Bingo Callers
  • Multiple Bingo Card Themes and Colours
  • Adjustable Card Sizes
  • Multiple Bingo Card Patterns
  • Rotating Patterns
  • Closest Pattern Display
  • Card sorting option for best card
  • Display Number of Calls To Go
  • Dynamic colour changing of cards
  • Consolation game prizes
  • Ability to pre-purchase cards

75 Ball Bingo

North American Bingo

75 Ball Bingo is most-familiar to players in North America. The bingo numbers that are called are associated with the letters in the word BINGO.

Variations Offered

  • Classic Mode - 25 Numbers on a 5x5 grid card
  • Free Space - 24 Numbers on a 5x5 grid card, free space in center
  • Daub-All - 75 or 72 Numbers on three 5x5 grids


  • Players select and purchase their bingo cards
  • Bingo numbers (balls) are called, one by one.
  • Prizes are awarded to the first player who matches the pattern on their card
  • Game ends when the prize is awarded.

Variant Bingo

Scandinavian Style

Variant bingo plays with 75 bingo balls and is primarily enjoyed in Scandinavian countries. The games last for longer periods of time as each game offers 5 prizes in 5 different rounds.

How it works

  • Cards are purchased as a "strip" of three 5x5 grid cards
  • Each 5x5 card contains 25 numbers
  • Each strip contains all the numbers from 1-75, with none repeating


  • Game is played in rounds. Once a player matches the bingo required for that round, the round advances.
  • Round 1: Match any line
  • Rounds 2 - 4: Match any horizontal line
  • Round 5: Match the full card.

90 Ball Bingo

European Style

This game is most recognized in the United Kingdom and most Spanish bingo communities, but is also played throughout Europe. In addition to having a different style of card from the 75 ball game, typically, three prizes are offered in the game throughout three rounds.

How it works

  • Cards are purchased as a "strip" of six 3x9 grid cards
  • Each card contains 15 numbers and 15 "free" spaces
  • Each strip contains all numbers from 1-90 with no repeats.
  • The numbers from 1 - 90 are called


  • Three prizes are awarded in three different rounds. As a pattern is matched, the round progresses.
  • The game ends when all prizes have been awarded.

80 Ball Bingo

UK Style Side Game

80 Ball Bingo has been used traditionally as a side game, played mainly in the United Kingdom. This game is a speed game, played out quickly.

How it works

  • 4x4 cards containing 16 numbers, no free spaces
  • 80 Bingo numbers are called.
  • Numbers are colour coded, Red, Yellow, Blue and Grey
  • Similar pattern play available as in 75 ball bingo


  • Match the pattern on any of your cards to win

30 Ball Bingo

Fast Paced Play

Like 80 Ball, 30 Ball is a faced paced game which is gaining popularity. Games typically complete in under a minute creating constant excitement.

How it works

  • 3x3 cards containing 9 numbers, no free spaces
  • 30 Bingo numbers are called.
  • Calls are usually performed rapidly
  • Similar pattern play available as in standard 75 ball bingo


  • Match the pattern on any of your cards to win.